Life can feel like it's hectic, messy and downright crazy, and at times it is. But in spite of, or maybe because of that, life is beautiful and worth cherishing.

I believe that special moments create memories that will last a lifetime. Photographs allow us to look back and have a tangible connection to those celebrations and milestones for years to come. 

Hi, I'm Holly Van Dintel! 

As your photographer, it's my goal to create timeless images that will reflect who you are as a person in this moment of your life. Whether it's celebrating an upcoming graduation or showing the bond and connection of your family, it's worth capturing to be shared and enjoyed for years to come. 

The fast facts about me:

  • I’m a native New Hampshirite farm girl, currently living in Boston and embracing a season of city life with my wonderful husband.

  • I’m a former teacher and nanny, so I’ve got years of experience working with kiddos and helping to make things fun for them. My speciality is wrangling energetic little guys into sitting still even if it’s only for a minute at a time.

  • I’m a creative at heart. I love to find beauty and make messes. Bright colors and soft lighting speak my language. Painting, knitting, quilting and, of course, photography are my preferred modes of creativity.

  • When I’m not behind my camera you might find me: with my nose in a book, cooking my way around the world, or coming up with creative ways to sneak more plants into our apartment - Just to hold me over until I can have an actual garden again.


You can also learn more about me and my business on my blog.


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