Family Session: The C. Family - Concord, NH


Oh, these two boys! I’ve been so fortunate to have been working with these twins for a few years now. Not only is it amazing to get to document how they grow and develop over the years, but every time I get to work with them we always have the best time.


When I started planning this session, the vision was to get lots of shots of the boys doing what they love to do best, playing and having a regular ball outside. Considering it was scheduled for mid-November, I was thinking that it was going to still have the look and feel of autumn. But as the day session approached a massive snow storm rolled in. Normally this would mean a rescheduled session, but because I was staying just up the road from where the session was going to happen, we ended up having a truly magically winter wonderland.


My approach to photography is to let kids have fun, and wait for moments to happen. The less posing that I have to do, the more natural the reactions, and the truer to life the images are. This is especially the case when dealing with a pair of busy boys. Little boys are happiest when they’re busy and I LOVE getting pictures of little guys in their element. When I have my camera, I’m an observer of life, I watch for reactions. The little moments that show the genuine person. Sometimes I’m the instigator of crazy activities for the purpose of creating those moments. In this case, it meant that I donned a pair of snow-pants and joined in on all of the fun. We built a snowman. We made snow angels. We had a “snowball fight.” Yes, I was wet and had a hood full of snow, (thanks, to a little stinker filling it with snowballs ;-) ) but the images were worth every second of it.