Family Session: The B. Family - Rochester, NH


I love getting to work with twins. Twins have a special bond that I don’t see when working with “singleton” siblings. I love getting to see the ways that a set of twins are so alike, while being completely unique individuals. These two girls were no exception.


These girls clearly share the love of giggles and having fun. Because of the weather the night before the session, everything was glare ice. Normally this would have made it a beast for trying to get the session done, with everyone slipping and trying not to fall. In this case it just added so much more to fun, with the girls using my big photographer’s reflector as a makeshift sled. Even though the entire ground was a massive slip-and-slip we had a great time.


This session was extra special, because these sweet little girls had recently been adopted. I’d gotten to hear a little bit of their story as I was working with them. Not only was it amazing to see how happy these two resilient little girls were, but also the love they have for their adopted family.

Holly Van DintelComment