14 Random Things About Me


 I feel like it’s time to introduce myself. I spend a lot of time hiding behind my camera and my computer, capturing and sharing other peoples’ lives, but I rarely ever share anything about myself.  Now that I’m relaunching my business, it’s high time that you learn a little bit about me. 

Originally I planned one writing a super fun and very concise blog post about myself. However, bonus fact about me, I’m not a great writer. After spending what felt like hours trying and failing, I decided to give up and write 14 random facts in no specific order.

  1. My husband Vince and I have been married since the summer of 2018. So far I’m loving newly-wed life has been really great so far. I love getting to share my life with my favorite person. 

  2. I’m a country girl through and through. Transitioning to living in the city has been a huge adjustment for me.  

  3. At heart, I’m very much an old soul. The things I love now, will probably still be the things I love to do when I’m 70. I don’t need much in my life to be perfectly content. Staying home is my favorite thing to do and I love simplicity.

  4. I have a plant obsession. Obsession might actually be an understatement. Since I can’t have the massive gardens that I’m used to in NH, I have to settle for as many house plants as I can fit in front of my window.

  5. I’m such a book nerd. I always have a pile of five or six books on my night stand. Life is better with a book.

  6. My favorite genres of music are definitely show tunes and celtic music. Being able to belt Fiddler on the Roof and Phantom of the Opera makes all house work 100% more fun. 

  7. Over the next couple of years, Vince and I have a personal goal of cooking one meal from every country around the world. We’re both fairly adventurous eaters, and we both enjoy cooking so we’re really excited to experience different cuisines.

  8. Even though I love all things creative, I actually have a degree in history because my childhood dream job was to be a history teacher. 

  9. At some point in the future, Vince and I hope to return to our rural root and have land that we can fill with gardens and guinea fowl to our hearts’ content. 

  10. I’m a tea drinker. There’s nothing quite like a piping hot cup of black tea first thing in the morning, or in the middle of the afternoon… Or any time really. My currant favorite is French Vanilla. 

  11. Fitness is something that’s very important to me. I’m very committed to maintaining a healthy lifestyle after a fairly dramatic weight loss post-college. I enjoy my daily exercises, and love getting out for a nice long walk when the weather is nice.

  12. Languages are something that have always fascinated me. I loved Latin in high school and decided to pursue some languages. I’m currently taking French and Czech just for the fun of it. 

  13. I absolutely love all animals. Given the choice between all house animals, I would definitely choose a dog every single time. I’ve had a massive Corgi crush since I was a kid. I’m still pretty crazy about them and dream of one day getting to have one of my own.

  14. I’m a firm believer in fun socks, where ever and whenever possible. The rest of me might be dressed for business, but chances are my feet are adorned with some kind of fun footwear.