The Shawver Family

Happy pregnant couple with dog

Perhaps one of the most amazing things about being a photographer is getting to document the special mile stones that happen in peoples’ lives. It’s an even more special when it’s someone who you know personally and that milestone is the upcoming arrival of a new baby. Sarah and Micheal are the prime example of that. With Baby arriving in just a matter of weeks now, it was so special to get to spend an evening celebrating this new phase of their life.

Husband kissing pregnant wife on forehead

I always have ideal shooting situations in my head. How I want the lighting to be, what people wear, how relaxed everyone is, and what the weather is like. It’s not terribly often that I get to have all of those things work out for me, but I love when three out of four of them work out. This family was an absolute delight to work with, they came relaxed and ready for what ever, and their outfits and the lighting were dreamy. If I could have all of my sessions go like this, I would be thrilled beyond words. And what’s more they were absolute troopers putting up with the intense weather that suddenly hit us.

Husband kissing pregnant wife on forehead (2)

Outdoor session tend to be a bit of a gamble in New England. Wintertime you have the cold and potential snowstorms, but summer isn’t without it’s share of issues. We’d been planning this maternity session for several months, hoping to time it for when the weather was still going to be somewhat cool so that being outside wasn’t going to be completely miserable for everyone involved, especially the mommy-to-be. Of course, in spite of all our best planning, when the day of the session rolled around, the temperature shot up to almost 100 degrees.

Happy pregnant couple walking with dog
Closeup of dog with pregnant couple
Happy pregnant woman in field

I’m so happy for these two and so excited to get to document this sweet special time in their new journey as parents. Here’s to many more years of getting to watch this special family grow.

Husband kissing belly of pregnant wife