Engagement Session - Abbie & Luke

Engaged couple hugging in field

I love engagement sessions. There’s nothing better then getting to spend over an hour with a couple that’s in-love and high on the bliss of their recent engagement. Ahhh… It’s one of my favorite things. But do you know what makes an engagement session better? How about an engagement session at the peak of fall foliage with a couple who is so crazily adorable and also quoting all of my favorite nerdy movies? Yes, that will do it in my book.

Engaged couple sitting in field
Black and white images of engaged couple, kissing forehead

Abbie and Luke were an absolute dream to work with. Not only were they just so sweet and perfect together as a couple, and they were an absolute boatload of fun. The entire session was full of laughter, which is the best way to get to work.

Engaged couple standing in field, hugging under tree
Engaged couple walking in field holding hands, fall foliage

You can’t beat fall foliage. You just can’t. The glows of red and orange were the perfect background to this already dreamy session.

Engaged couple kiss on the cheek
Black and white image of engaged couple with foreheads together

As we were heading back to their car, the sun was just starting to set.

Engagement photos, Princess Bride, Sunset,
Backlit sunset image of engagement couple, foreheads together embracing