Family Sessions

In ten years, what are the things that you want to remember about your family the way that they are right now? Is it all of the laughing and rambunctiousness? Maybe you love the way each of your children is so unique and special? Perhaps you love the fun you all have doing things together? What if you could freeze time, and be able to hold onto all the things you love about your family for years to come?

Your family photos should be the time capsule that allows you to revisit these moments so that decades down the road, you’ll be able to remember your family as they are right now. A celebration of all the wonderful things that make you and your family who they are.

Basic Family Session

The basic sessions start at $350 with the options to add features.

What’s included:

  • An hour and a half session at a location of your choosing in New Hampshire or Boston.

  • Resources to help you plan and style for your session

  • Professional editing and color correction of images

  • A minimum of 30 images delivered in a curated online gallery

Family Mini Session

The Family Mini Sessions Start at $150.

What’s included:

  • A 45 Minute Session at my location near Concord.

  • Professional editing and color correction of images.

  • Ten images delivered to you in a curated online gallery.

Our Acres Family Experience Session

Coming Fall 2020